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Architect having Professional Practice Nationally and Internationally acclaimed with creative, dedicated quality perform since last four decades as Interior Designer, Landscape, Engineer and Town-Planner serving Major Ministry & National Government & Private Projects; of international repute; since 1980 in Bombay/ Mumbai; New Delhi/ Hyderabad and all major cities of India, together with Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Heading Departments of : Design of All Engineering Disciplines & ; Managements; Liaison; Supervision & Construction Teams from scratch to finish. Dar-Al-Majd Consulting Engineers, Saudi Architects, SaudConsult, Manasara, Premnath & Associates, Panorama Consultants Muscat Ooman, Masters & Associates., Design Associates, A.A. & Associates, Ved Segan & Associates, Kondor Interiors, The Archisium.(Saudi Aramco for GES Projects, Hospital at Abquiq.

Data Management Center; Saudi Arabian National Guards project (SANG), U.S. Air force, Peace Sign Projects at Taif Airbase; Ministry of Defense and Aviation ( MODA) Khashm Al Ayen, Riyadh & at Bahrah near Jeddah, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Sultan Aviation, Simulator & Flight Training Center, Jeddah including their Data Center with Multi-storied Car-parking Township Complex with Site and Landscape works, SCADA Center for SCECO in Jeddah; Royal Saudi Air Force, Taif: Main Administration & Management Complex, Supply and Store Building Complex and auxiliary buildings. Ministry of Interior: Tabuk Imarah Palace: Governorate Office Complex. Sports Complex, Skyscrapers, Multi-storied Towers: Commercial & Residential; Commercial Shopping Malls / Centers; Ministry of Health( 500 and Specialized Hospital Projects, Palaces and Large Villas; Multi-storied Apartment Complexes /Compounds, Townships/Neighborhoods-Development Projects; Universities Designs & Development Projects; Schools Projects; Skyscrapers; Training Centers / Institutes;Mosques;5 – Hotels; Banks; Multiplex and Theatres, Residences etc.